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Private lessons & teaching

Photo: Anna Sámpár

‘His teaching was so manifold, I couldn’t imagine I would ever get bored with it. His style was also so impressive that these two things together were absolutely inspiring.’

Hajnalka, 19

‘I especially enjoyed that he was so empathic and helpful. He always made me feel free to study what I wanted and supported me in that.’

Kristóf, 20

‘I really, really loved the lessons, and I have a good reason for that. First, I liked it that he helped me elaborate and improve any song I invented, and corrected my mistakes. He taught me a lot of things that we didn’t learn at the music school. Sometimes we played on two pianos at the same time and created —improvised— a beautiful melody. Mum always told me that somehow I was in a very good mood after the lessons... :) ’

Botond, 10

‘At every lesson we did things that I was interested in, and he could perfectly combine it with what he wanted to teach.’

Benjámin, 20

‘He dealt with the tiniest problem with great creativity and profound knowledge, and it was clearly seen on the solution itself.’

Botond, 17

‘It was incredibly great to learn with him — he always helped me with everything so that I could learn the given task more easily and confidently. He could always motivate me, whatever mood I was in and somehow he could make me believe that I was able to do the task and achieve my goal! I had never had such a helpful, humane, considerate and benevolent teacher before.’

Richárd, 18

I graduated as a jazz pianist and teacher from the renowned Franz Liszt Academy of Music in Budapest, Hungary in 2009. In 2019, I completed the jazz piano master’s programme at the Amsterdam Conservatory. During my academy years I started to give private lessons in both classical and jazz piano, at different levels, from beginners to preparatory courses for the jazz faculty of the music academy. After my graduation I became a jazz piano teacher and later the head of the jazz department at the Bartók—Pikéthy Music School of Vác, Hungary. In 2014 I was awarded the Certificate of Merit for Talent Development by the Municipality of Vác. Since I moved to Amsterdam, I have been giving private lessons in Amsterdam and its neighbouring area.

I offer lessons in both classical and jazz piano and general music theory for any age, from beginners to advanced learners.

Please contact me for further information.